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Class Description

Strength and Conditioning

Burn calories and build strength in this hour-long zoom class that combines dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. Clear, precise directions with options to level up or down make this a safe class for most anyone.  


HIIT with Yoga/Stretch

In this 50-minute zoom class we combine 30 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training to get the heart pumping, the body sweating and the calories burning, with 20 minutes of power yoga. Stretching your muscles and leaving them primed and ready for your next workout. 


HIIT with Booty Bands

45 minutes of high-intensity training, abdominal work, and booty bands. Can you say beach body ready?!  


Beach Bootcamp

Come prepared to work hard and sweat.  In this class, we move through stations that may include battle ropes, slam balls, free weights, Bosu, kettlebells, and more.  When you’re done you are steps from the ocean where you can cool off with a plunge!  Bring a water bottle, mat, and sweat towel.

Strength and Conditioning
HIIT with Yoga Stretch
HIIT with Bands
Restorative Yoga
Beach Bootcamp

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Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Meeting you where you're at, with one-on-one and small group coaching focused on meeting your specific goals.

50 minute Personal Training
30 minute small group training 2-4
50 minute Small group training 2-4
15 minute Nutrition Check in
Personalized Nutrition Plan
30 Min Nutrition Private

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Power your body and mind with Power Thru Fitness 

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