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What Equipment do I need?
For strength and conditioning classes you will want several sets of weights. Think light for shoulders and triceps, medium for biceps, and heavy for chest and back. Of course, you can get creative here using household items such as canned goods, milk or juice containers, or household cleaning supplies with handles! Classes with bands can be done with or without a booty band.
I haven’t worked out in a while. Can I do this?
Yes! All exercises have clear easy to follow instructions that include ways to level up or down. You are welcomed to take breaks when needed and then join back in when you are ready as you build your strength.
I’m not 40 yet, or my daughter wants to join in. Is that okay?
Absolutely, but fair warning, sometimes topics specific to women over 40 come up like menopause!
I can’t make the scheduled live classes can I do the class later with the class recording?
Yes! All classes are recorded and available as part of your monthly membership. Also, on-demand classes are offered as a standalone membership on FitVid.
I'm interested in both nutrition and exercise, is there a program that incorporates both?
Yes, we’re happy to create customized training and nutrition packages for both groups and one-on-one clients.

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