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Our goal at Power Thru Fitness is to help you achieve your personal power by incorporating exercise, nutrition, and a positive mindset.

As a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and yoga teacher in the Metro Boston area, the shutdown of the fitness industry due to Covid-19 was incredibly difficult. I was not only concerned for my business, but also for my dedicated clients. I wanted to find a way to help them continue their workout program and still maintain the relationships and family-style community we had created. Like many other fitness professionals, I turned to zoom where I initially focused on Strength and Conditioning classes for women over 40. As the community grew, so did the offerings. The addition of HIIT, Yoga/Stretch, and specialty classes provides clients with a well-balanced fitness regime, all in one place. There is even an opportunity for clients to take advantage of personal or group nutrition coaching.  

As Covid continued into the warmer months, friends and clients in the Harwich, Cape Cod area reached out to see if I would consider doing any of my Bootcamp style classes outside.  Taking the equipment from the gym I could no longer coach at due to the shutdown, I started an outdoor Beach Bootcamp that was a huge success, bringing in clients of all ages and genders. Outdoor Beach Bootcamp runs from Memorial Day Weekend until the end of September. 

By combining the zoom classes, outdoor Bootcamp, and nutrition coaching, Power Thru Fitness was born. Whether you are looking for one-on-one support, a community of powerful women over 40, or a co-ed Bootcamp that will get you working your power in a beautiful setting, Power Thru Fitness has you covered.

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